Good forum coming to Mundelein

Police are hearing they’re not listening enough. So what Chief Guenther is doing with his forum January 20 is a great idea. I think you’ll be seeing more of this in 2015, and that’s good for community safety and understanding.

Gov. Rauner is our ally – 6th paragraph

A shoutout to Governor Rauner by giving law enforcement a special nod in the sixth paragraph of his inaugural address yesterday. Here is what the new governor said: “I also want to say a very special thank you to our police officers, our corrections officers, our firefighters and all those who risk their lives to protect the families of Illinois. Thank you. I look forward to being an ally and advocate for you and working very closely together.”

Very nice. We intend to be his ally, too!


19 Ferguson stories you probably didn’t hear

Here are 19 brief stories from St. Louis Post-Dispatch reporters and photographers that, for the most part, were not included in the general narrative in the past four months. The last one about Al Sharpton is especially worthy of attention.

Why I started this blog

I began as the executive director of the Illinois Association of Chiefs of Police in November 2014. So I’ve been there less than two months and mostly I’m on my listening tour and enjoying what I’m learning.

But I started this blog for third reasons. One is to have a conversation with the 1,200 association members in a timely manner about issues of the day. The other is to include our many community friends in this discussion. And the third is to build new partnerships with groups and citizens. We all want safe communities and no group or agency can do this alone.