Recognizing the administrative staff: just do it

Here’s something that’s not a joke: When I meet someone’s top administrative person, I often say, “You’re the one who actually runs things, aren’t you?” People usually chuckle, but they don’t disagree. They are polite and appropriately deferential — whether it’s a deputy chief or an administrative assistant.

It’s a fact that administrative assistants  have plenty to do with the success of any police department and every chief. So on Administrative Professionals Day today, I want to salute all the administrative staff in the police departments in Illinois.  And I’m pleased to say that our chiefs’ association is attempting to work more closely with the Illinois Law Enforcement Administrative Professionals (Illinois LEAP), which was organized in 1999 and is beginning to expand statewide.

If you’d like more information about this group, go to their website. Katherine Perez of the Hanover Park Police Department is the Membership Committee Chair

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Ed Wojcicki

Ed is executive director of the Illinois Association of Chiefs of Police. He is the author of two books, the former publisher of Illinois Issues magazine and taught public affairs writing at the University of Illinois Springfield.

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