3 policing strategies for the 21st century

1. Redefine policing for the 21st century… because the world has changed. Law enforcement leaders have to take a leading role here in collaboration with their communities.

2. “Strengthen or rebuild the capacity of police agencies to develop legitimate, sustainable relationships with their communities, and with unique segments within the community.”

3.  “Implement meaningful ways to define and measure success in community-police relationships as a community.”

All three of these are directly from a report released this month by the International Association of Chiefs of Police. It started with a national policy summit on community-police relations, and the report’s insightful subtitle is ADVANCING A CULTURE OF COHESION AND COMMUNITY TRUST. Get the full report.

Good forum coming to Mundelein

Police are hearing they’re not listening enough. So what Chief Guenther is doing with his forum January 20 is a great idea. I think you’ll be seeing more of this in 2015, and that’s good for community safety and understanding.

Gov. Rauner is our ally – 6th paragraph

A shoutout to Governor Rauner by giving law enforcement a special nod in the sixth paragraph of his inaugural address yesterday. Here is what the new governor said: “I also want to say a very special thank you to our police officers, our corrections officers, our firefighters and all those who risk their lives to protect the families of Illinois. Thank you. I look forward to being an ally and advocate for you and working very closely together.”

Very nice. We intend to be his ally, too!